Play Plinko 1Win Casino online for free or for real money

1Win Casino offers favorable conditions for playing at Plinko. This is expressed in such parameters: low payment limits, favorable welcome bonus and fast withdrawal of winnings received. The casino offers two game formats: demo and real money. Both formats are supported on the official website and in the mobile application. More about the game in Plinko on the site 1Win tell further.


Plinko: Play on the official site 1Win

To play at Plinko is suitable online casino 1Win. This is a legal gaming club, which is regulated by Curacao eGaming. The advantage of the casino is not only the legality and reliability. Users positively evaluate the choice of games and the availability of a mobile application.


On the official website 1Win you can play Plinko in two formats: demo and for money. This also attracts the attention of many players. Increase the bankroll for betting is possible with bonuses - the program of promotional offers is regularly updated. This allows you to use both the welcome bonus and cashback.

Plinko 1Win - Casino Login and Registration

Only adult players can create an account at 1Win Casino. Registration is possible in only one way and involves filling out a short form. It specifies the following information:

  • name (login);
  • date of birth;
  • address of residence;
  • telephone number;
  • email;
  • password.

In addition, in the questionnaire you need to select the currency from the list - you will not be able to change it later. Also, the option of activating a promo code is supported. Once the questionnaire is filled out, all you have to do is click "Register" and you can move on to the activation of the account. To do this, a welcome email will come - you have to click on the link and you will immediately get access to a personal account.

Separately consider the stage of authorization in the 1Win Casino. It is possible in two ways:

  • Through a special form. It specifies the phone / email and password.
  • Through social networks. You can use an account on Vkontakte, Classmates, Google, Yandex,, Telegram, Steam.

If the game is played in demo format, neither registration nor authorization is required. However, bypass this stage will not be possible if the game is played for real money.

How to play Plinko for money at 1Win Casino

At the 1Win casino, the game for money is available to every player. However, there is a nuance - 3 conditions must be met:

  1. Registered account. Without this, you can not make a deposit and cash bets.
  2. Verification is passed. It is necessary for further withdrawal of winnings.
  3. Deposit is made. This is an important condition for the game for money.

Once these conditions are met, you can run Plinko and make bets. The chances of winning are for each player, the only thing that varies is the size of the winnings. It depends on the hole in which the ball falls. Take into account the parameters of the game:

  • The size of the bet made;
  • the preset level of risk;
  • The type of bet - automatic or manual;
  • The number of lines involved.

At any time the prize money can be withdrawn convenient way. Playing for money in Plinko, do not forget about the risks - you need a sensible approach to the allocation of the budget. This will increase the final profit in the game and do not stay with nothing.


1Win Plinko: Current promo codes, bonuses and vouchers

Casino 1Win attracts attention with a variety of bonuses - their list is regularly updated and available to every player. First of all, we are talking about the welcome bonus. It is credited immediately after creating an account and provides a bonus on the first 4 deposits. Consider the conditions of the bonus for registration:

  • 1st deposit - +200%;
  • 2nd deposit - +150%;
  • 3rd deposit - +100%;
  • 4th deposit - +50%.

Bonus is activated when minimum deposit is made. It also needs to be wagged, taking into account the wager x40. In addition to the welcome bonus, players of 1Win Casino are available to such rewards:

  • freespins;
  • deposit and no deposit bonuses;
  • reload bonuses.

As part of the weekly bonus program, you can additionally take advantage of cashback. It provides for the return of part of the lost funds. The percentage of return depends on the total amount of bets. You can read more about it in the table below:

Percent Amount of bets in USD in 7 days Maximum amount of cashback in USD
1% From 1230 37
2% From 3700 50
3% From 6197 60
4% From 9900 100
5% From 12 390 185
10% From 123 900 247
20% From 247 878 370
30% From 619 695 620

Cashback is not subject to wagering - it is credited to the balance in the form of real money. Do not miss the opportunity to use a promo code. Its activation is performed according to a simple algorithm:

  1. Copy the code.
  2. Open the activation form. You can find it in your personal cabinet or in the "Bonuses" section.
  3. Insert the code and click "Apply".

If the code is up to date, a message will appear telling you that the bonus was successfully credited. Find advantageous promo codes, vouchers and bonuses on our site. You can use them for free, so do not miss this opportunity.

Demo version Plinko 1Win to play for free and without registration

At 1Win Casino there is an opportunity to avoid registration and deposit. However, the game in Plinko is free and without financial risks. This is possible thanks to the support of the demo format of the game. It uses virtual credits for betting. Their number is limited, so it is wise to approach the allocation of the budget.

One of the pluses of the Plinko demo version is versatility. It is suitable for different categories of players:

  • Beginners. New users of the casino, who have no experience playing crash games, can get acquainted with this genre for free. This will allow them to understand how to make bets, how winnings are formed and when a loss occurs.
  • Users with experience. Demo for these players is an opportunity to better understand the features of crash games and the principles of the arcade. Using virtual credits, will be able to determine the probability of winning and pick tactics.
  • High Rollers. Demo format because of the lack of risk is optimal for testing strategies. There is also an opportunity to analyze the frequency of large odds and see the results of other players.

For clarity, in the table below we will analyze the pros and cons of the demo Plinko:

Pros Cons
The virtual coins for betting will be automatically added to the balance The winnings can not be withdrawn
The financial risks are minimized The number of coins is limited
The mechanics and principle of the bets duplicate the full version of the game Reduced feelings of gambling in the game
Allows you to test different strategies and tactics If you run out of coins, you will have to start the game again
Affordable for every player Not suitable for big bets because of limited budget


Depositing & Withdrawing at 1Win Casino

1Win Casino attracts attention with a variety of payment instruments. Here are the main ones:

  • Visa/Mastercard;
  • Electronic purses (Piastrix, FK Wallet, Perfect Money, MuchBetter, MoneyGo);
  • cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Tron and others).

Before proceeding to the execution of payments, it is important to remember two nuances: depositing to the account is possible only after registration, and the withdrawal of funds involves obligatory verification. Let us consider the nuances of payment with regard to each tool below.

Most often the players of 1Win Casino use Visa/Mastercard for payment because of the convenience of payment processing and fast crediting of money to the balance. Let's review the step by step algorithm of payment:

  1. Choose a card as a payment tool in the "Replenish" tab.
  2. Specify card type - Visa or MasterCard.
  3. Specify deposit amount, adhering to the limits and press "Replenish".
  4. In the opened form, enter details and confirm the payment: by SMS or through application.

Payment through electronic wallets also leads in popularity and convenience. This payment tool is suitable for transferring large sums. In this case, the commission is reduced to a minimum: its size does not exceed 2% of the recharged sum. Here is the instruction for depositing money to balance through wallet:

  1. Open the "Replenish" section in your personal cabinet or click the button of the same name.
  2. Choose an e-wallet from the list of payment methods.
  3. Specify the amount of one-time payment and press "Replenish".
  4. Automatically will be redirected to the wallet page - you need to log in and confirm the payment.

When using many wallets, such as MuchBetter or MoneyGo, in the payment form also specify the number of the wallet. Payment confirmation is done through the app.

Players can also use cryptocurrency for payment. It is available in 18 variations and guarantees the anonymity of payments, as well as fast crediting of the balance. Payment in cryptocurrency is made in this way:

  1. Choose necessary currency from the list and press "Continue".
  2. Specify payment amount, click "Go to payment".
  3. The payment form will open automatically. Scan QR-code or copy the wallet address - you will need to send money to it.
  4. Open a cryptocurrency wallet or exchange where funds are stored. Complete the transfer: choose a network, specify an amount and insert a wallet address.
  5. Confirm the transaction in a convenient way.

Whatever method of payment you choose, compliance with the limits is mandatory. Also, before making a payment (deposit or withdrawal), it is important to clarify the deadlines and the amount of commission.

Application casino 1Win Plinko on mobile (Android and iOS)

Casino 1Win offers a convenient mobile app for free download. It is available on Android and iOS. There are two ways to download the software - below we consider each of them. The first way involves downloading from the official site. It is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. On the 1Win website, click on the icon of the operating system.
  2. Open the browser menu and click "Add to home screen".
  3. Click the "Add" button.
  4. Then launch the application from the browser of the phone.

The installation instructions are identical regardless of the type of device - Android or iOS. Once the application is installed, you need to log in to it or create a new account. After that, all that remains is to deposit your account and you can move on to playing Plinko.

The second way to download is from our website. It is performed according to exactly the same algorithm as the first, but much easier and more convenient: you only need to follow the link and follow the instructions. After installing the mobile application 1Bin, a number of advantages open before the players:

  • fast launch of games;
  • absence of technical bugs;
  • instant crediting of money;
  • easy activation of bonuses;
  • operative work of the support service.

Visually and by interface the application does not differ from the desktop/mobile version. This shows its convenience and popularity among players. Another reason to choose the app is its resistance to blocking. This makes it a full-fledged alternative to the 1Win mirror.

How to earn in the game Plinko from 1Win Casino

Everyone can win at Plinko. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of players. To begin with, consider how to play Plinko for real money:

  1. Specify the size of the bet. This can be done manually or adjust the value with the special buttons.
  2. Set the number of lines - from 8 to 16. The more lines, the higher the risks: the wells are placed denser, which means it becomes more difficult to get into the high-paying holes.
  3. Select the level of risk. Available in three variations: from low to high. The odds of the hole, the number of them on the line and the probability of hitting depend on this parameter.
  4. Start the fall of the ball with the "Play" button. The round will end as soon as the ball drops into the hole.

Separately consider the auto-format game. It allows you to specify the bet size and number of rounds. In Auto mode, the player is left to observe the course of the game without additional action. Increase earnings in Plinko can be several ways:

  • Choose a high-risk strategy. On the control panel set a high level of risk and involved 10 lines. The size of the bet is adjusted to the budget. This strategy allows for a single or permanent large winnings, but the high risks are also preserved.
  • Stick to the medium-risk tactic. Suitable for a stable income. The average level of risk is set and the format of the auto game is chosen. The number of lines 8-10. Tactics not suitable for high rollers who want to get a big one-time winnings.
  • Play in auto mode. This format is suitable for long-term play, but requires a significant budget. You need to choose a working strategy in advance and set the right parameters.

During the game in Plinko in the priority should remain a reasonable allocation of the budget. Therefore, it is better to avoid dubious and ineffective strategies.

Advantages and disadvantages of Plinko 1Win

Pros Cons
A large selection of games (4000+ machines in the catalog) Registration and verification is required to play for money
Profitable welcome bonus Limited term wagering bonuses
Low payment limits Real money play comes with real risks
Free mobile app for Android/iOS Possible delays in the payment of winnings
Low wagering bonus vager There are limits on the amount of winnings




Every new player at 1Win Casino can take advantage of the welcome bonus. It is implemented in the form of surcharge +500% to the first 4 deposits. There are no restrictions on the amount of the first deposit, but it is necessary to win back the gift taking into account the established requirements: vager x40, terms of 7 days after accrual.

In the demo format, virtual credits are used for betting. This excludes registration, deposit and allows you to play for free. If the game is played for money, then to make a monetary bet you will first need to register and make a deposit. On the mechanics, principles and conditions of the demo Plinko does not differ from the game for money.

Important nuance: in 1Win Casino the withdrawal of winnings is possible only after successful verification. The procedure is mandatory for all players, without exception. Once the identity is confirmed, you can proceed to the selection of the payment instrument - it may be a bank card, e-wallet or cryptocurrency. Then it remains to confirm the payment, following the instructions.

Experienced players will confirm: you can win large sums in Plinko only if you stick to strategies and analyze the results of each round. Strategies and tactics are different: from the Fibonacci system to the successive increase in bets. The main thing is not to blindly follow the strategy, and analyze the results and adjust the next bet with this in mind.

If you play Plinko for money, there are always risks of losing. This will also have a negative impact on the budget. With this in mind, many players try to stick to low or medium risk strategies during the game. It is possible to avoid possible risks if you run a demo version of Plinko.

Yes, in terms of convenience the 1Win mobile casino app is not inferior to the desktop or mobile version. Through the software you can play Plinko without being tied to place/time. The functionality of the app also gives the opportunity to activate available bonuses and withdraw winnings with minimal fees.