Plinko demo version to play for free and without registration


How to play Plinko for free

To play Plinko for free, you need to perform a minimum of actions. First of all, you need to make sure that the demo format is supported in the selected casino. Then you need to follow the algorithm:

  1. Find Plinko in the directory or use a built-in search bar.
  2. Press the button "Play free" or "Demo" (different casinos may have different names).
  3. After running the game to bet.

In design and interface demo format is identical to the full version of the game. Therefore, it will be useful for all players to play for free. Let's look at three categories of users:

  • Beginners. Optimal way to get acquainted with the gameplay and understand how to bet and withdraw winnings.
  • Players with experience. The format of the demo will give the opportunity to understand how to increase profits and what strategy, taking into account the level of risk to choose.
  • High Rollers. The use of virtual credits allows you to test different strategies.

This is the universality that players can check personally. It is also expressed in the technical characteristics.

The step by step algorithm for playing Plinko

The rules of the game in the demo version of Plinko exactly the same as in the money game mode. Let's analyze the algorithm of the game step by step:

  1. Run Plinko in the selected variation.
  2. Set the number of lines - from 8 to 16.
  3. Select the level of risk.
  4. Specify the type of bet: manually or automatically.
  5. Set the stake value and run the ball drop.

At the same time you can run an unlimited number of balls. The total payout depends on two factors: the specified rate and the hole in which the fall of the ball. You can track the history of the results in a special table. It is updated in real time.

Pay attention to the technical characteristics of Plinko. Here are the main ones:

  • Betting range for one ball roll of 1-100 coins;
  • The maximum multiplier of x1000;
  • In a round you can win no more than 100,000 coins;
  • auto-mode of the game is supported.

These features will also be valid if you play the free version of the game. Including it is possible to read the table of results. It indicates the date and amount of the bet, the coefficient of the prize hole and the final amount of profit. The table is updated as bets are made.

Features of the demo format

In the format of the demo for betting virtual credits are charged. Their number varies and depends on the gaming club, but not less than 5000 coins. These credits can be used for different purposes:

  • To study the gameplay;
  • to test strategies;
  • To get acquainted with the features of Plinko.

If the credits run out, the game ends. This is the main limitation of the demo version. The obtained winnings are not subject to withdrawal. As mentioned earlier, the demo format duplicates the design, functionality and principles of the game for money. This allows you to first learn the features of the arcade game, and then move on to the format for the money.

Financial risks are excluded. Playing the game session is not limited in time. It may end at the request of the player or in the case of a zero balance. In the format of the demo there is no limit on the size of bets, but the established limits will need to stick.


Another plus of the free version of the game is that you can test the algorithms. It plays a role not only how the odds are determined and in which hole the ball falls. Plinko is built on a demonstrably fair system and you can make sure of this by running the demo format.

Comparison of demo and cash games

Both beginners and experienced players often face the dilemma of which game format to choose - demo or cash. Here it is important to keep in mind that both formats have both advantages and disadvantages. Accordingly, they will suit a certain category of players.

Playing for money is worth it for players who want to get a real cash winnings available for withdrawal in cash equivalent. This mode involves financial risks, which also increases the gambling experience during the game. Cash format Plinko suitable and high rollers, whose goal is to get a solid cash prize.

The free version of the game should stop at the beginners. Using virtual credit, you can better understand the features of Plinko: how to bet, how to adjust the level of risk, what affects the number of lines, how the total winnings. The demo format also suits those players who just want to enjoy the game without thinking about the financial risks.

Parameter Demo mode Playing Plinko for money
Registration Not required Required
Verification At the discretion of the player Necessary to withdraw winnings
Betting limit 1-100 Coins
Amount of Coins Depends on casino, not less than 5000 Depends on deposit
Withdrawal of winnings Not supported Convenient method of payment after verification of the account
The duration of the game session As long as the balance remains positive No restrictions
Maximal winning 100 000 Coins 100,000 Coins

Pros and cons of the Plinko demo version

As the review suggests, the demo format of the game is universal. Accordingly, it is suitable for most users. Some users consider this format as a temporary one, while some give it the main preference. Analyzing expert reviews and user reviews, you can highlight the pros and cons of the demo version of Plinko. You can get acquainted with them in the table below:

Advantages Disadvantages
100% excluded financial risks The number of virtual credits is limited.
You can run the demo format an unlimited number of times The winnings cannot be withdrawn
The gameplay, interface and rules of the game are identical to the money version No gambling feelings in the game
Suitable to get acquainted with the features of Plinko and test strategies It is difficult to get a solid winnings
Universal format for different gaming purposes Not supported in all online casinos

Feedback from players on the format of the demo

Most players evaluate the free version of the game at Plinko positively. If you evaluate the comments, it can be noted that the main advantage is the simplicity of the format and easy access: there is no need to register, verify or replenish the account. The second plus, according to most users - there are no financial risks.

Read the reviews of real users on our website. We publish only reliable comments. They are regularly supplemented, which allows players to learn the pitfalls of the free game. Studying reviews will be useful not only for beginners, but also for experienced players. This will give an opportunity to:

  • understand the pitfalls of the game;
  • to find working strategies;
  • highlight the pros and cons of a particular variation of Plinko;
  • to try out the working tips.

The most important thing is to find verified reviews from real players. They are easy to distinguish from fake ones if you focus on the context. There is another option: to focus on the comments presented on our portal.



The free game format is universal. It will be useful to try it as a beginner and an experienced user. Financial risks are excluded, so players can concentrate on the game.

The demo version has two limitations. The first affects the balance of virtual coins. As soon as they run out, you have to start playing again. Because of this, the game session lasts less than it could. There are also restrictions on the ability to withdraw winnings.

This is the main disadvantage of the demo version of Plinko - the obtained winnings are prohibited for withdrawal. This is due to the use of virtual currency. As soon as the player leaves the game, the accumulated balance will be automatically reset.

Yes, running the free version of Plinko will be useful for high rollers as well. In this format you can test different strategies and understand in what way you can increase the final winnings.